Riddles of Marriage: “Only if I Say it”

only if i say itThere are rare moments in a married man’s life when his wife turns to him for advice. The man, baffled by this sudden appreciation of his existence, presents the wife with what he believes to be the most optimal decision, only to have his wisdom mocked at, and his suggestion ridiculed. However, moments later, the wife has an epiphany of the exact same solution and goes ahead with the decision to solve the issue. The husband is left in a state of confusion, not realizing that he has been a victim of only-if-i-say-it syndrome.

In this very common syndrome, wives, when they solicit advice for any problem are only looking for an answer that they can copy-paste as their own. Only then, will she feel the true satisfaction of solving the issue at hand. Besides, listening to husband’s advice is like agreeing with him, and this puts the wife under some sort of moral debt that she fears of being reminded some time in the future.

The mind of the husband, on the other hand, is not complicated enough to comprehend this plot along with all its causes, effects, ifs and buts. He simply hears his wife asking a question and, being a good husband, he answers with a possible solution. Upon rejection of one suggestion, the husband starts to analyze other possible answers. Meanwhile, the wife is trying to rephrase what she just heard and present it as the final decision. Clearly, men are lost when it comes to what women want, think, require and expect.


One Response to Riddles of Marriage: “Only if I Say it”

  1. Armoghan says:


    yar i ll not read any of ur notes again.. u r married nd now u r putting fear in our hearts not to get married..:p

    wives=complicated things=monsters….. :p

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