E-Book: Is Music Allowed in Islam?

Music In Islam

downloade-book: Is Music In Islam?

This book is primarily a research and analysis on the topic of music in Islam and is written in a unique way such that the misconceptions that people hold about music in Islam are highlighted in commas at the top of the page and the responses to those misconceptions are given underneath. Therefore the theme of the book is that of a conversation taking place between the one who listens to music and the one who is trying to clear up the listener’s misconceptions.

Throughout my conversations with music listeners (and having been a veteran music lover myself), I have heard these reasons and misconceptions that Muslims hold in favor of listening music. All I have done is taken those sentences that a person says in favor of music and analyzed their correctness and their reality using the Quran, Sunnah and a little thought.

All the errors and imperfections in this book are from me and Shaytan, and all the good is from Allah. I pray to Allah that he accepts this as a good deed from me and benefits the ummah of Muhammad (Peace be upon him).

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