Quran Flashcard Style App

I recently launched an app on android and ios that allows you to memorize the meanings of the unique words in the quran. More information and download link of the app can be found on its website http://quranappproject.wordpress.com

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Jazakallahu Khair

The best of women

A Bedouin was asked about women, and being a man who was experienced with them, he said: ‘The best woman is the tallest when she stands, the most prominent when she sits, and the most truthful when she speaks. She is the one whose anger subsides quickly, and whose laugh is a beautiful smile. When she does something, she does it well. She obeys her husband and adheres to her home. She is honored among her people, yet insignificant in her own mind – affectionate and fertile, and everything about her is good.’

Source: Gems & Jewels (pg 174). Published by Darrusalam

Some lessons from Hajj 2010

  1. Our houses are better than any five star hotels the world has to offer.
  2. There are no people more comforting to our heart than our own family.
  3. There is no companionship like the companionship of Zikr and the recitation of Quran.
  4. During the pilgrimage, we are commanded to constantly travel from one place to the next, with limited rest and little comfort. Hence, our shoes are always warm; our backpack is light, and our minds continuously awaiting the next call to move. This is exactly what we find in one of the ahadith where the Prophet (Peace be upon him) says to live in this world like a traveler. Hajj served as an excellent boot camp for this hadith.
  5. All the Muslim nations of the world are one ummah. So, we should make dua for the whole ummah instead of narrowing our duas to our ethnic, regional or psychological boundaries. When the ummah will benefit, your country, race or people will benefit automatically.
  6. We should surround ourselves with the righteous. Verily, from amongst the righteous are the (true) scholars (who fear Allah), the students of knowledge, and the lovers (of knowledge). If such blessed companions surround you in this world, then we can hope from the mercy of Allah to join us with the ones who are even better than them in the hereafter.
  7. When we were born we started our life with the statement of sincerity (kalimatu Ikhlas). Then we established Prayer, and as years went by we followed our prayer with the fasting in Ramadan. Then, when we were old enough to earn money, we gave from it Zakkah in order to purify our wealth. And finally, when we had done all that Allah blessed us to fulfill one of the greatest obligations upon us; the pilgrimage to His house in the blessed valley of Makkah. And now, we hope that the last statement on our tongues at the time of death is none other than the statement of iklhas that we started our lives with.
  8. The true test of hajj starts upon our return to our work, our homes and our daily lives. We ourselves are responsible for having our hajj accepted or having it waste away.
  9. If patience were a drink, we would need a whole ocean of it for hajj. Not all of that ocean will be exhausted at hajj and that is good because we will need to drink from that ocean constantly until the end of our lives if we are to maintain our hajj.
  10. It is not the following of mere rituals that will take you to Jannah. But it is firm belief along with the depiction of complete submission  (or the attempt thereof) in word, and action that will bring about Allah’s mercy upon you until it covers you completely, and only then can you hope to enter jannah.
  11. Prophet (Peace be upon him) said that Hajj is (the standing at) Arafah. And what is in Arafah except exerting ourselves in constant duas to the Almighty. So perhaps it is safe to say that one of the main events of Hajj is to make lots of duas for verily Allah loves to hear His servants supplicate to Him. And this; making lots of duas, is something we can and should carry on in our daily lives. 
  12. We are followers (of Sunnah) and not innovators. Whatever the Prophet (Peace be upon him) did or ordered, we will do that to the best of our abilities throughout our lives and in all the matters. And whatever the Prophet (Peace be upon him) prohibited us from doing we will abstain from it completely. We will continue to do so until we meet him in the hereafter smiling and under the mercy of Allah.
  13. Allah has given the Muslim much honor, so we should strive to maintain and increase that honor for ourselves and for the ummah. Also we should realize that this honor is not a result of any worldly reason, but it is because of the piety of the heart and the fact that limbs of Muslim should continuously be strained in the path of Allah.
  14. Verily, our strength as an ummah lies within the understanding and following of the Quran and authentic Sunnah. Without a trace of doubt, the duas of our righteous and oppressed will not be left unanswered for long, and our honor shall return as soon as we find ourselves turning to Allah in sincere repentance and submission.
  15. Hold tight to Quran & Authentic Sunnah of the Prophet (Peace be upon him).

Riddles of Marriage: “Only if I Say it”

only if i say itThere are rare moments in a married man’s life when his wife turns to him for advice. The man, baffled by this sudden appreciation of his existence, presents the wife with what he believes to be the most optimal decision, only to have his wisdom mocked at, and his suggestion ridiculed. However, moments later, the wife has an epiphany of the exact same solution and goes ahead with the decision to solve the issue. The husband is left in a state of confusion, not realizing that he has been a victim of only-if-i-say-it syndrome.

In this very common syndrome, wives, when they solicit advice for any problem are only looking for an answer that they can copy-paste as their own. Only then, will she feel the true satisfaction of solving the issue at hand. Besides, listening to husband’s advice is like agreeing with him, and this puts the wife under some sort of moral debt that she fears of being reminded some time in the future.

The mind of the husband, on the other hand, is not complicated enough to comprehend this plot along with all its causes, effects, ifs and buts. He simply hears his wife asking a question and, being a good husband, he answers with a possible solution. Upon rejection of one suggestion, the husband starts to analyze other possible answers. Meanwhile, the wife is trying to rephrase what she just heard and present it as the final decision. Clearly, men are lost when it comes to what women want, think, require and expect.

Riddles of Marriage: “Selective Perception”

selective perceptionWhile handing today’s paper to my wife I said; ‘there were four bomb blasts today, 80 people were killed and 30 were injured. A plane crashed in the mountains and all 150 passengers onboard have died. Three children drowned in the river, tremors of earthquake were felt in our city, and our government is about to enter yet another period of martial law.’ What is the first thing she says while glancing at the paper? ‘Oh Look!, Mothercare has a sale today!’ Welcome to another episode of selective perception.

It is no secret that we see what we choose to see. How many times has it happened that an item keeps lying around uselessly in front of your eyes for eons but as soon as you need it, it magically disappears? And how many times has it happened that you drive your wife all the way across the city to her favorite shop that just happens to be closed today for no obvious reason. (Hint: It happens, and its your fault because, why the heck are they closed today?) And how many times did you proclaim your love for your wife but if you unconsciously sneezed towards the direction of a girl, who happens to be passing on the other side of the street (in complete Abaya), that you are questioned regarding your loyalty & love?

I was a victim of selective perception (& generalized criticism) in the pre-marriage days as well. Back then; it was my father who always happened to enter my room when I was playing video games after hours and hours of studies. He always used to say the same thing; ‘Playing huh!? How will you handle the real life when it hits you in the head?’ Well father, I guess those scolding sessions provided me with the juice to run this marathon of post-marital-selective-perception-syndrome-crisis.