The Land of the Pure

The land of the pureThe essence of a nation can be defined by the core believes of its masses. These believes perpetuate throughout generations in the form of religious, traditional, or moral code. It is the nobility of these qualities that lay down the groundwork of a nation and the roadmap to its greatness. If these traits become overshadowed by the perils of time, a little rain of revival is sufficient to wither off the scalding and reveal the epitome of the people. The time of rain for Pakistan has arrived.

Pakistan is a country whose men, before leaving the house, never forget to kiss their mothers in humility and adoration. A nation with marks of prostration so profound that its affects are felt on the hearts. A people whose strength strikes fear in the hearts of the enemies but whose skins shiver when they bow down to Allah. It is the home to a people who when they strive in any path do not rest until perfection is achieved. It is the home of the honorable, the truthful, the trustworthy, the God fearing, the honest, the pure, the striver, the strong; the Muslim.

A nation whose people posses such qualities has no other destiny than to rise in this world and establish a glorious future for their country. From the humblest labor to the finest General of this nation, each one is working to fulfill this vision with a sense of responsibility. It is the fear of this fact that our enemies try to malign our reputation, destroy our moral, blur our inspiration and sow disunity amongst us.

Has not the time arrived for us to realize that other nations also suffer from the same perils we find in our homeland? They are able to hide behind their stronger pens and lofty words, whereas we are made to suffer their sharper tongues and sinister plots. Is this not the time to realize the great wealth of natural and human resources that has been placed in our hands by the Almighty? Speak to any young of this nation and you will realize the zeal that burns in their heart for the honor of this nation. Is this not the time to channel that yearning into a burning flame that would purify our wounds and brighten our days?

By Him besides whom there is none worthy of worship, the signs of the awakening of this nation are already unfolding. We are now seeing past the temporal clouds of confusion and are envisioning a great Pakistan. We have realized our strengths and multiplied our potential. Our ties of brotherhood are growing stronger by the day and our hearts are becoming softer for our people and firmer against our enemies. We are turning back to our essence; one people worshipping one Lord. And our souls and bodies are ready for whatever sacrifices lay ahead.

Pakistan is our only homeland and it is the land of the pure. Allah has destined it for greatness and let not anyone else tell you different.

The Prince, The Troll & The Fairy

Once upon a time in a land far far away there lived a handsome prince. The prince had been cursed by the witch and was forced to work at a gas station as a lowly laborer. The gas station was owned by the mountain troll who made the prince work fourteen hour shifts each day and only paid him five thousand rupees at the end of each month. Every month, the prince struggled with paying utility bills, house rent, and with trying to provide his wife and two kids with food and basic necessities. Since the money was too less, and the curse too strong, the prince was spending his days in severe hardship and under debt.

In the same kingdom lived a lovely fairy. She had golden hair, a lovely voice, and a big bank account. Every night she would travel the kingdom on her white stead and spend time eating delicacies, socializing with friends, and enjoying the good things of life. Spending thousands of rupees each day was routine and she was living her life unaware of any troubles that existed in the kingdom.

One day the fairy was feeling a little bored so she decided to purchase a magic car in order to cheer herself up. After buying the car she was driving around the kingdom when she came across the station where the prince was working. She stopped the car and asked the prince to come and refill the gas. The prince did what was requested and the fairy, still happy from the purchase of the car, gave him a thousand rupees tip. The Prince politely refused and told the fairy that he is actually a prince under a curse and it does not suit him to accept tip. But the beautiful fairy insisted so much that the prince accepted the money as gift.

The mountain troll was looking at this whole scene through his office window. Once the fairy left, he came over to the prince and demanded the money from him. The prince declined and said that it was a gift from the fairy to him. But the troll threatened the prince regarding his job and made him realize that he will not find any other source of income to support his family. Under intense pressure and black mailing, the prince gave up the thousand rupees to the mountain troll.

That month the kingdom received its monsoon rains and the roof of the prince’s house was destroyed. Luckily, none of the inhabitants were hurt, but the prince now required a handsome amount of money to repair the house. Unluckily, the prince did not have any connections to help him collect that kind of money. So, out of necessity, he put up a plastic sheet on top of the walls and made a temporary roof. All this time he continued to work for the troll at the gas station.

One night, the fairy came to the troll’s station again and saw visible signs of distress on the prince. She inquired about the reason but the prince kept repeating not to worry as there was nothing she could do. Finally, under intense questioning, the prince informed the fairy about what had happened during the rain, and with the thousand rupees that she gave him last time. Upon hearing all this, the fairy felt really sad. She realized that while she is enjoying the blessings of this life without any worry, there are people in her own kingdom that are living hand to mouth. She realized that she can easily spend thousands of rupees each day on food, cds and shopping, whereas there are people in her kingdom that only earn a few thousand every month and that too after long hours of intense labor.

She immediately decided to help the prince. The next day she went to the house of the prince which was now in a shattered state. She waved her magic wand and it converted into a beautiful palace. She then waived her magic wand a second time and in the courtyard of that palace grew a tree with golden apples. As soon as she did this, the curse from the Prince was lifted. It was then that both of them realized that the curse was only there because the help does not reach the victims in the proper manner. Now, since the fairy was helping the prince with sincerity and that aid was actually affecting the prince, the curse of the witch could no longer hold ground.

Next, the fairy went to the mountain troll’s gas station. She waved her magic wand and the troll transformed into a mouse and hid away in a hole. The gas station was then handed over to the prince who was now sitting on the throne of the kingdom and ruling with compassion and mercy. The witch had permanently left the kingdom in the fear of assassination and all the people of the kingdom lived happily ever after.

The end.

Morals of the story:

Each and every member of our nation is a prince or a princess. There are fairies amongst us who can help bring this nation to greatness. The trolls are all the corrupt systems and people that plague our nation. One swing of change is enough to turn them into mice and hide them away in holes. The witches and their curses are nothing more than propaganda and pessimist mentality, both of which will run away at the slightest hint of a positive change. There truly is a happily ever after for the people of Pakistan and the ummah of Muhammad (Peace be upon him) both; in this world and the next.