How Sufism solved the alternate reality paradox

Abdul Qadir Jilani was a great sufi saint who lived around 500 A.H. but still holds a living influence on the people of Indo-Pak Subcontinent. He was much beloved by his followers and commanded great respect in their hearts. Once he asked one of his (female) followers for some milk. Due to whatever reason she was unable to fulfill the request and the sheikh ordered the river to devour her son who happened to be crossing the river along with all the people that were in his marriage procession. Twelve years later the woman realized her mistake, took the milk to Abdul Qadir Jilani, and apologized. The sheikh immediately revived her drowned son who then went on to get married.

As soon as the imam of a local Masjid ended the above narrative, the audience started resonating chants of ‘Subhan Allah[1]’ because of the Keraamat[2] of their sheikh. A young man, however, stood up and asked the imam to complete the story. Suddenly, all the people became quiet.

‘Please finish the story. If you don’t know then I will finish the story for you.’ Said the young man. The imam stood motionless as all the people waited for his next words. The imam then said, ‘that’s all the narrative I know.’ So the young man continued.

‘Once the groom came out of the river he continued his journey to claim the hand of his beautiful bride. Upon arrival with his procession, he saw her bride was already married and had four kids; after all, 12 years had passed since his drowning. A great fight ensued between the groom and the husband of his to-be-wife and as a result 70,000 lives were lost.’

The young man after stating the above simply sat down in his place. The imam, furious by all of this, almost shouted in anger ‘and where did you find all this information.’ The young man calmly replied, ‘it was on the next page from where you got your information.’

The Moral:

Our past and present is full of people who through their piety and worship attained great status in the eyes of Allah. We are ordered through the Sunnah[3] of the Prophet (Peace be upon him) to love, honor, and follow the example of such great people. We recognize their authentic keraamat, their efforts, and their sacrifices for the sake of Allah. However, our veneration should not extend beyond their reality. All the pious servants of Allah are nothing more than pious and blessed servants.

Attributing fabricated stories, or unauthenticated tales to their names does not add to their honor but may result in their disrespect. As in this case, the sheikh did not feel shy in drowning a person because of some milk that he did not receive. So while its easy to solve the paradox of alternate reality through fabricated stories it is not the suitable thing to do for the sake of our eman. If only we were to ascertain the truth of news when it reaches us, such fabrications would not exist. Know that the greatest miracle for any person is to be able to stick to the Quran and Authentic Sunnah throughout his life. Is this miracle not enough for us to honor the jewels of this Ummah?

(Note: Many sufi believes are not supported by the Quran and (or) the authentic sunnah of the Prophet (PBUH). Any and all practices, believes, and sayings must have their basis in Quran or proven sunnah. The article mentions sufism just to make a point regarding fabricated tales and how common muslims fall prey to such words.)

[1] Glory be to Allah

[2] Supernatural ability, miracle

[3] Tradition of the Prophet (Peace be upon him)

The Lynching of a Nation

Lynching of a nationRegarding the two brothers who were lynched in Sialkot, Pakistan. Then know that it is a great event the likes of which cannot be found anywhere except the days of ignorance, or in the persecution of Sahaba (RA).

Through this event, know that the evidence of Allah has been set against us where we have proven to be unaware of the laws of Quran. For Allah says;

“O you who believe! If a wicked person comes to you with any news, ascertain the truth, lest you harm people unwittingly, and afterwards become full of repentance for what you have done.” Surah Hujjurat, Ayat 6.

Then why didn’t we ascertain the guilt of those who were killed without a trial? Why upon the words of few obscure men we launched ourselves against the two brothers without giving them a chance to plead innocent or guilt? Why did we decide to punish them for an alleged offense in a manner that can only be ascribed as barbaric and that is not supported by Quran? Why did our law enforcement feel no need to verify the truth or contain the situation?

Also know that with this event we have lost our right to cry out against the mushrikeens who persecute our brothers and sisters in occupied lands. It seems that a Muslim is now sufficient to persecute another Muslim in his own homeland. Clearly we have forgot the following verse;

“And whoever kills a believer intentionally, his recompense is Hell to abide therein; and the wrath and the curse of Allah are upon him, and a great punishment is prepared for him.” Surah Nisa Ayat 93.

and the hadith of the Prophet (Peace be upon him) where he says;

“The sanctity of Muslim blood is greater for Allah than the sanctity of the Kaaba, as is his honour and his property, and thinks only good of him.”

Know that in the gravity of the sin committed, justice must prevail for us to be saved from punishment in this world or the next. That justice must be followed by true repentance on behalf of all individuals of this ummah and a promise to submit fully to the teachings of Islam.

Let this not be the time in which, when overcome by emotions, we pray to Allah against our own selves. Know that making dua against our selves will only result in increase of such events. Realize that this is, rather, a time when we are in dire need of sincere dua. Know that our only hope to rise to the pinnacle from these ashes is based on our repentance, dua and brotherhood.

We each must play the roles assigned to us by Allah. For only when we will fulfill our roles, our condition will truly change. Know that goodness from each and every member of this ummah is not a pre-requisite for the establishment of islam in this world, or the success of our nation. The requirement of perfection (or striving for it) is only demanded by some of us but the rewards thereof are shared with the masses.

Forget the old adage of; what good will it brings If I change my ways. Instead follow the lead of the companions who, in spite of less numbers, were able to inspire huge nations because of the change they brought in themselves. Look at the way Allah described the Mominon in the following verse and aim for nothing else.

“They believe in Allah and the Last Day; they enjoin what is right, and forbid what is wrong; and they hasten (in emulation) in (all) good works: They are in the ranks of the righteous.” Al-Imran Ayat 114

Know that in the end, it would not matter if your nation entered jannah but it would matter if you entered jannah or not. Let us blame none but ourselves for this event and take heed from the verses of Quran. Verily it is our collective and individual sins for which we are punished in this world or the next. Let us pray for those who have been unjustly killed. Let us strive for justice to their families. And, Let us hold ourselves accountable before we are held accountable by Allah.

Never give up hope and know from the depth of your heart that this nation of Pakistan is destined for great things. Come back to Islam my brothers and sisters and know that the pleasure in obedience of Allah is greater than the pleasure in his disobedience. And finally know that strength and mercy are a promise Allah has given in exchange for Taqwa.

“Verily, in this there is a plain Message for people who worship Allah” [Surah Al-Anbiyyah, Ayat 106]

The Land of the Pure

The land of the pureThe essence of a nation can be defined by the core believes of its masses. These believes perpetuate throughout generations in the form of religious, traditional, or moral code. It is the nobility of these qualities that lay down the groundwork of a nation and the roadmap to its greatness. If these traits become overshadowed by the perils of time, a little rain of revival is sufficient to wither off the scalding and reveal the epitome of the people. The time of rain for Pakistan has arrived.

Pakistan is a country whose men, before leaving the house, never forget to kiss their mothers in humility and adoration. A nation with marks of prostration so profound that its affects are felt on the hearts. A people whose strength strikes fear in the hearts of the enemies but whose skins shiver when they bow down to Allah. It is the home to a people who when they strive in any path do not rest until perfection is achieved. It is the home of the honorable, the truthful, the trustworthy, the God fearing, the honest, the pure, the striver, the strong; the Muslim.

A nation whose people posses such qualities has no other destiny than to rise in this world and establish a glorious future for their country. From the humblest labor to the finest General of this nation, each one is working to fulfill this vision with a sense of responsibility. It is the fear of this fact that our enemies try to malign our reputation, destroy our moral, blur our inspiration and sow disunity amongst us.

Has not the time arrived for us to realize that other nations also suffer from the same perils we find in our homeland? They are able to hide behind their stronger pens and lofty words, whereas we are made to suffer their sharper tongues and sinister plots. Is this not the time to realize the great wealth of natural and human resources that has been placed in our hands by the Almighty? Speak to any young of this nation and you will realize the zeal that burns in their heart for the honor of this nation. Is this not the time to channel that yearning into a burning flame that would purify our wounds and brighten our days?

By Him besides whom there is none worthy of worship, the signs of the awakening of this nation are already unfolding. We are now seeing past the temporal clouds of confusion and are envisioning a great Pakistan. We have realized our strengths and multiplied our potential. Our ties of brotherhood are growing stronger by the day and our hearts are becoming softer for our people and firmer against our enemies. We are turning back to our essence; one people worshipping one Lord. And our souls and bodies are ready for whatever sacrifices lay ahead.

Pakistan is our only homeland and it is the land of the pure. Allah has destined it for greatness and let not anyone else tell you different.

Dear Iblees

Dear Iblees16th Ramadan 1431

Dear Iblees,

It is quite unfortunate that you have to be imprisoned every Ramadan. Your absence results in heavy losses of our ratings and confusion among your followers. Usually, after Ramadan you are able to take the charge again and bring evil back to normal, however, this time I have some particularly troublesome news to share.

The youth of Pakistan have turned to Allah in sincere repentance and they have promised to fight off your armies when you return from imprisonment. They have made a vow to never submit to their desires, and their vigor in implementing Islam in their lives has reached heights never dreamed before.

Normally, this wouldn’t have been such a bad news because people turn back to sinning shortly after repentance. But this time I have seen the signs that Allah has accepted their repentance and is now igniting their eman. I fear the time is near when Islam will overcome our armies, and I believe the seed of this change has been planted this Ramadan in the hearts of the Pakistani youth.

Yesterday, a young man gave up lying. What good is a person to us if gives up the source of our nourishment? A girl in Multan decided to leave singing and put on Abaya. How can we steer a nation whose men are truthful and woman have haya? But the most radical change of all is that each Pakistani is now focusing on self-change rather than demanding change. They are now reading the Quran and studying the Hadith and applying the injunctions of Islam upon themselves with sincerity and understanding.

As your brother in evil and your follower in misguidance, I suggest you do not come back to Pakistan. Your lifeline is threatened here and your influence is fast diminishing. Perhaps it would not be a bad idea to retire early and go to hell.

Sincerely Yours,


Commanding Officer,

Shirk Battalion,

Pakistan Sector.

Know & Apply

know and applyDuring my university years I noticed a subtle pattern between Muslims from Pakistan and those from Arab countries. Arabs were frequently found quoting from the Quran or Sunnah, using sound logic on issues of jurisprudence, and presenting an overall compelling and evidence based argument for their point of view on an Islamic issue. But when it came to application, many were relaxed almost to the point of being lethargic. So, there was a lot of knowledge but not as much action.

On the contrary, Muslims from Pakistan were generally very devout, zealous and active at practicing. Many of them, however, suffered from inadequate, incorrect or, a general lack of Islamic knowledge. So, there was a relative lack of knowledge but an active will to implement.

For example, you would find a Pakistani praying all the pre-sunnah of the Isha prayer and all the post Sunnah along with the nawafil and then sitting on his place to do zikr. Such a Pakistani would tell you that he has been following this routine for the past twenty years since his father told him to do so.  Ask him about the ahadith on this issue and he will simply tell you that the Prophet (Peace be upon him) used to do so without giving you any specific hadith or ayat.

On the other hand, An Arab would, most of the time, pray the obligatory rakas and be done for the night. When asked, he would quote to you that fard are enough to enter jannah, and that we should pray some (non-obligatory) prayers at home too. Of course, the ahadith he would quote to present his case would be sound and leave no room for argument.

Alhamdulilah, Now, we are seeing the signs that Allah has decided to consolidate the good for this ummah starting from the people of Pakistan. We are now witnessing the youth of Pakistan that is not only sincere in practicing Islam but is also knowledgeable about it. Ask any senior from the country and he will tell you that their children know more about Islam than they knew at that age. Moreover, this knowledge is coming from authentic sources, and with understanding and the will of practicing their deen.

Why the sudden change? I believe, since a lot of propaganda is targeted toward Islam and Pakistan, the people of this area feel a need to study their religion before then can defend or accept the ‘facts’ mentioned in the mass media. Couple that with the fact that Allah brings out scholars to help keep the people on straight path, and you will find that the community developed a need for knowledge and a source of it as well. Other factors like, increase in education level, freely available information, and development of a patriotic and free thinking mind are also playing their part in this revolution. But most of all, it is because of the blessing of Allah and the fact that this nation is supposed to lead the ummah to victory.

This change is what scares our enemies the most, and as a result they increase their efforts and propaganda. Consequently, we increase our efforts to learn and apply. It is as if our enemies are forcing us to learn and apply more of our religion. And finally know that the defeat of any nation starts with the death of the hearts and minds of its people. Our hearts are very much alive from the fire of Eman, and our minds are determined to find the promise of Allah; the supremacy of this ummah.