The Land of the Pure

The land of the pureThe essence of a nation can be defined by the core believes of its masses. These believes perpetuate throughout generations in the form of religious, traditional, or moral code. It is the nobility of these qualities that lay down the groundwork of a nation and the roadmap to its greatness. If these traits become overshadowed by the perils of time, a little rain of revival is sufficient to wither off the scalding and reveal the epitome of the people. The time of rain for Pakistan has arrived.

Pakistan is a country whose men, before leaving the house, never forget to kiss their mothers in humility and adoration. A nation with marks of prostration so profound that its affects are felt on the hearts. A people whose strength strikes fear in the hearts of the enemies but whose skins shiver when they bow down to Allah. It is the home to a people who when they strive in any path do not rest until perfection is achieved. It is the home of the honorable, the truthful, the trustworthy, the God fearing, the honest, the pure, the striver, the strong; the Muslim.

A nation whose people posses such qualities has no other destiny than to rise in this world and establish a glorious future for their country. From the humblest labor to the finest General of this nation, each one is working to fulfill this vision with a sense of responsibility. It is the fear of this fact that our enemies try to malign our reputation, destroy our moral, blur our inspiration and sow disunity amongst us.

Has not the time arrived for us to realize that other nations also suffer from the same perils we find in our homeland? They are able to hide behind their stronger pens and lofty words, whereas we are made to suffer their sharper tongues and sinister plots. Is this not the time to realize the great wealth of natural and human resources that has been placed in our hands by the Almighty? Speak to any young of this nation and you will realize the zeal that burns in their heart for the honor of this nation. Is this not the time to channel that yearning into a burning flame that would purify our wounds and brighten our days?

By Him besides whom there is none worthy of worship, the signs of the awakening of this nation are already unfolding. We are now seeing past the temporal clouds of confusion and are envisioning a great Pakistan. We have realized our strengths and multiplied our potential. Our ties of brotherhood are growing stronger by the day and our hearts are becoming softer for our people and firmer against our enemies. We are turning back to our essence; one people worshipping one Lord. And our souls and bodies are ready for whatever sacrifices lay ahead.

Pakistan is our only homeland and it is the land of the pure. Allah has destined it for greatness and let not anyone else tell you different.

Dear Iblees

Dear Iblees16th Ramadan 1431

Dear Iblees,

It is quite unfortunate that you have to be imprisoned every Ramadan. Your absence results in heavy losses of our ratings and confusion among your followers. Usually, after Ramadan you are able to take the charge again and bring evil back to normal, however, this time I have some particularly troublesome news to share.

The youth of Pakistan have turned to Allah in sincere repentance and they have promised to fight off your armies when you return from imprisonment. They have made a vow to never submit to their desires, and their vigor in implementing Islam in their lives has reached heights never dreamed before.

Normally, this wouldn’t have been such a bad news because people turn back to sinning shortly after repentance. But this time I have seen the signs that Allah has accepted their repentance and is now igniting their eman. I fear the time is near when Islam will overcome our armies, and I believe the seed of this change has been planted this Ramadan in the hearts of the Pakistani youth.

Yesterday, a young man gave up lying. What good is a person to us if gives up the source of our nourishment? A girl in Multan decided to leave singing and put on Abaya. How can we steer a nation whose men are truthful and woman have haya? But the most radical change of all is that each Pakistani is now focusing on self-change rather than demanding change. They are now reading the Quran and studying the Hadith and applying the injunctions of Islam upon themselves with sincerity and understanding.

As your brother in evil and your follower in misguidance, I suggest you do not come back to Pakistan. Your lifeline is threatened here and your influence is fast diminishing. Perhaps it would not be a bad idea to retire early and go to hell.

Sincerely Yours,


Commanding Officer,

Shirk Battalion,

Pakistan Sector.