Riddles of Marriage: “Innately Evil”

Riddles of Marriage: "Innately Evil"Did you know I am the cause of all ill that happens between the east and the west? If not, then don’t be surprised, up until marriage I didn’t know this myself. It was only my wife who made me realize and accept this truth. She also made me realize that I will not be able to change this fact as it was in my nature, and that all the bad manners were passed on to the children through me, exclusively.

Like yesterday, I called my son an idiot because he was opening the door of a running car again and again. According to my wife, I was ruining the future of our children. I, on the other hand, believed that growing up in this country he is going to need a certain type of vocabulary to define a very specific kind of people. Nevertheless, I admitted my mistake and apologized. Later that night, my wife asked me to prepare our son’s bed. While complying with her request, I heard her call our son an idiot. Surprised, I confronted her. She, then, made me realize that it was actually my fault. The only reason she became angry was because I put the bed sheet in the wrong direction. Unfortunately, that anger was channeled into calling our son an idiot when he spilled a glass of water. Clearly, it was my mistake and I apologized.

Thinking of my pre-marriage days I see a huge contrast in my life. I used to live by, what is now a, strange notion that good and bad exists in all people. I used to strive to make myself a better person. My wife has corrected my misunderstanding and protected me from wasting any more time on my self-development. Now, I believe that good exists in all people but evil resides innately and almost exclusively in me. I just hope that my children get their influence from their mother, as there is no hope of salvation for their poor father.