The Virtues of Shaytaan

From the fundamentals of our conviction is the belief in Allah, His Angels, the revealed books, the messengers, the last day, and the decree of Allah. No person can aspire to be among the inhabitants of heaven without having a sound belief in all these areas. Consequently, these are the beliefs that separate believers from non-believers and the blessed ones from the cursed ones.

Interestingly, Shaytaan, the accursed devil, also believes in Allah with certainty. He knows that over the centuries, messengers have been sent delivering the truth. He has witnessed the Angels with his own eyes (for he was amongst them at one point in his life), he believes in the last day (that’s why he asked for respite till the day of resurrection), and he knows that the decree of Allah must come to pass.

In spite of all this, we know through the Quran that Allah has promised to fill the hell fire with him and his followers? Why? Are these not the things Allah demands to see in his servants? Are these not the things for which Allah has promised us paradise? If shaytaan is bound for hell even after all this, then is it not possible for people who claim to be Muslims to look at their deeds more closely.

As for shaytaan, he recognizes the truth but has decided not to follow it. He knows and believes but does not follow up on that belief with the proper actions and sayings. Instead, he follows up that belief with blatant lies and deception.  Allah warns us about him in the Quran by saying; “Surely the Shaytaan is your enemy, so take him for an enemy; he only invites his party that they may be inmates of the burning [fire].”[1]

Just like shaytaan, there are amongst the Muslims those who know all these tenants of faith but have chosen to keep their belief incomplete by not practicing upon its implications. They believe in Allah but do not fear Him. They claim faith but are absent from the masaajids. And they ‘honor’ Ramadan but fail to observe fasting. And they claim to love the Prophet (Peace be upon him) but are heedless of his sunnah. Such Muslims keep lying to themselves in regards to their faith and are under the deception of Shaytaan.

Know that the belief is not solely an act of the heart and tongue, but also of the limbs and actions. Believe & behave like the Prophet (Peace be upon him) & his companions (may Allah be pleased with them). They are the ones whom Allah praised and ordered us to follow in guidance. Their belief was in accordance to the Quran and Sunnah and was evident in their actions and words. Consequently, they are the ones who realized that knowing something is not like believing and believing in something necessitates action.

[1] Quran 35:6

Dear Iblees

Dear Iblees16th Ramadan 1431

Dear Iblees,

It is quite unfortunate that you have to be imprisoned every Ramadan. Your absence results in heavy losses of our ratings and confusion among your followers. Usually, after Ramadan you are able to take the charge again and bring evil back to normal, however, this time I have some particularly troublesome news to share.

The youth of Pakistan have turned to Allah in sincere repentance and they have promised to fight off your armies when you return from imprisonment. They have made a vow to never submit to their desires, and their vigor in implementing Islam in their lives has reached heights never dreamed before.

Normally, this wouldn’t have been such a bad news because people turn back to sinning shortly after repentance. But this time I have seen the signs that Allah has accepted their repentance and is now igniting their eman. I fear the time is near when Islam will overcome our armies, and I believe the seed of this change has been planted this Ramadan in the hearts of the Pakistani youth.

Yesterday, a young man gave up lying. What good is a person to us if gives up the source of our nourishment? A girl in Multan decided to leave singing and put on Abaya. How can we steer a nation whose men are truthful and woman have haya? But the most radical change of all is that each Pakistani is now focusing on self-change rather than demanding change. They are now reading the Quran and studying the Hadith and applying the injunctions of Islam upon themselves with sincerity and understanding.

As your brother in evil and your follower in misguidance, I suggest you do not come back to Pakistan. Your lifeline is threatened here and your influence is fast diminishing. Perhaps it would not be a bad idea to retire early and go to hell.

Sincerely Yours,


Commanding Officer,

Shirk Battalion,

Pakistan Sector.