The Grand List of Daily Sunnahs

Waking up Wiping the face with hands
supplication of waking up
Snuff water
Wash both hands three times
Washroom Enter with left foot
Supplication of entering restroom
Supplication of existing restroom
Wudo (Ablution) Tasmiyah (Beginning with Bismillah)
Wash both hands three times
Rinse the mouth and snuff water with the same handful
Running fingers through a thick beard when washing the face
Wipe the head from forehead to nape and back to front again
Run water through fingers and toes
Begin with right hand and foot
Washing the face, arms and feet three times
Pronounce the shadah
Perform Wudo at home
Dalk: Rub water over body parts with the hand
Two Rak’ah after completing wudo
Siwaak Before every prayer
Upon entering the house
When reciting the Quran
When smell of mouth changes
Dressing & Undressing When putting on shoes/clothes, start from right
When taking off shoes/clothes, start from left
Supplication for putting on clothes
Entering & Leaving house Remember Allah when entering
Supplication when entering
Tasleem: Say Salam to everyone upon entering
Supplication upon leaving the house
Going to the masjid Go early for salah
Supplicate when entering the masjid
Walk with dignity, calmness and avoid excessive looking
Walk to the masjid
Enter the masjid with the right foot
Pray Tahiyaatul Masjid upon entering
Proceed to first row (without distrubing others)
Supplicate when leaving the masjid
Leave with the left foot
Adhaan (Call to prayer) Repeat what the Mu’adhzin is saying, except for ‘come to prayer/success’
After adhaan, send salah on Prophet (Peace be upon him) and make dua for him
Make dua for yourself
Praying Pray towards a sutrah. (Set something in front and pray towards it)
Rawaatib Prayers (sunnah prayers along with obligatory salah)
Perform Voluntary and Sunnah prayers at home
Duha Prayer (2-8 Rakah after sun rises and before dhur time)
Salatul Ta’hajjut (maximum of 11 or 13 Rakah, including Witr)
Begin Qiyamul Lail (Ta’hajjut) with two short surahs
Lengthen qiyamul lail
Make lots of dua in the last third of the night
Shorten the length of the sunnah prayer for Fajr
Take a rest after the sunnah prayer of Fajr
Sitting after the fajr prayer in the masjid until sun rises
Make lots of dua during sujood and before saying tasleem
After finishing the prayer, praise Allah, send Salah upon the Prophet (Peace be upon him)
Saying Subhan Allah, Alhamdulilah & Allahu Akbar 33 times after completing Salah
Ayatul Kursee, Mu’awwidhat in morning/evening & after salah
Meeting People Tasleem: Say Salam to everyone upon meeting
Lengthen the greeting (Asalamu alikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakartuh)
Shake hands
Speak words which are pure and pleasing to Allah
Eating & Drinking Tasmiyah (Beginning with Bismillah)
Eat and drink with right hand
Eat from in front of you
If some food drops, clean it and eat it
Keep the right leg upright and sit on the left when eating
Lick the bowl and fingers after finishing
Praise and thank Allah
Supplication of finishing food
Sit while drinking
Say Tahmeed (Alhamdulilah) after drinking
Drink in three breathes. Breathe outside the drinking vessel
Quran Finish the Quran at least once a month
Fasting Fast on Mondays and thursdays
Fast three days from every month (13,14 & 15 of the moon)
Sadaqah Give in charity from that what you love
Sleeping Supplication before going to sleep
Recite the Mu’awwidhaat and wipe the body
Reciting the last two ayahs of Surah Baqara
Saying Subhan Allah, Alhamdulilah & Allahu Akbar 34 times before sleeping
Recite Ayatul Kursee
Sleep on the right side