Know & Apply

know and applyDuring my university years I noticed a subtle pattern between Muslims from Pakistan and those from Arab countries. Arabs were frequently found quoting from the Quran or Sunnah, using sound logic on issues of jurisprudence, and presenting an overall compelling and evidence based argument for their point of view on an Islamic issue. But when it came to application, many were relaxed almost to the point of being lethargic. So, there was a lot of knowledge but not as much action.

On the contrary, Muslims from Pakistan were generally very devout, zealous and active at practicing. Many of them, however, suffered from inadequate, incorrect or, a general lack of Islamic knowledge. So, there was a relative lack of knowledge but an active will to implement.

For example, you would find a Pakistani praying all the pre-sunnah of the Isha prayer and all the post Sunnah along with the nawafil and then sitting on his place to do zikr. Such a Pakistani would tell you that he has been following this routine for the past twenty years since his father told him to do so.  Ask him about the ahadith on this issue and he will simply tell you that the Prophet (Peace be upon him) used to do so without giving you any specific hadith or ayat.

On the other hand, An Arab would, most of the time, pray the obligatory rakas and be done for the night. When asked, he would quote to you that fard are enough to enter jannah, and that we should pray some (non-obligatory) prayers at home too. Of course, the ahadith he would quote to present his case would be sound and leave no room for argument.

Alhamdulilah, Now, we are seeing the signs that Allah has decided to consolidate the good for this ummah starting from the people of Pakistan. We are now witnessing the youth of Pakistan that is not only sincere in practicing Islam but is also knowledgeable about it. Ask any senior from the country and he will tell you that their children know more about Islam than they knew at that age. Moreover, this knowledge is coming from authentic sources, and with understanding and the will of practicing their deen.

Why the sudden change? I believe, since a lot of propaganda is targeted toward Islam and Pakistan, the people of this area feel a need to study their religion before then can defend or accept the ‘facts’ mentioned in the mass media. Couple that with the fact that Allah brings out scholars to help keep the people on straight path, and you will find that the community developed a need for knowledge and a source of it as well. Other factors like, increase in education level, freely available information, and development of a patriotic and free thinking mind are also playing their part in this revolution. But most of all, it is because of the blessing of Allah and the fact that this nation is supposed to lead the ummah to victory.

This change is what scares our enemies the most, and as a result they increase their efforts and propaganda. Consequently, we increase our efforts to learn and apply. It is as if our enemies are forcing us to learn and apply more of our religion. And finally know that the defeat of any nation starts with the death of the hearts and minds of its people. Our hearts are very much alive from the fire of Eman, and our minds are determined to find the promise of Allah; the supremacy of this ummah.